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We are professional property managers and licensed Real Estate Brokers specializing in industrial and commercial real estate.

We organized in 1979 for the sole purpose of managing properties owned by our partners and promptly expanded, providing a complete Property Management Service including rent collections, dispossesses, leasing, maintenance and repairs, all at reasonable fees.


Our Management Portfolio is Currently in Excess of Two Hundred Million Dollars..


We provide monthly accounting and will organize your account to best serve your purpose. Each owner is handled on an individual basis with monthly computerized statements  managementthat will allow you to follow your income and expenses with detailed accuracy. All tenants leases are reviewed to ensure compliance with insurance certificates and pass along escalations.

“As owners in the past”, we understand our client’s needs and the role we play in enhancing the value of their properties. We recognize that different clients have different agendas. To some, for example, the most critical aspect of property management is reporting, while to others, its leasing, tenant retention or expense control. Everything we do is oriented toward meeting "Specific Client Goals."


The achievements of Crosstown Management in the past reflect our success in fulfilling our client’s diverse objectives.

Relax or retire worry free, knowing your property is generating maximum income, and pass on your management concern to experts in the field.

Our services include hands on management and/or disposal of properties. A program designed to fit your particular requirements can be discussed at your convenience. Our team’s combined experience exceeding 100 years is ready to work for you.

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